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Feed sterilizers

The highest quality of sterilised feeds

Demand for high quality of pelletized feeds, number of threats associated with a development of new recipes, new ingredients and diversity of feedstock suppliers, require from feeds manufacturers an implementation of sterilisation process during feed production.


AN ultimate advantage in feed indstry

Construction and engineering team of NPT has  designed a series of vertical and horizontal sterilizers, that effectively eliminate unwanted bacteria, fungi and other harmful substances.

Thanks to implementation of certain new solutions has allowed us to achieve higher quality and calorie feed, better digestibility and lowering production costs.

stable temperature of feed

stable output level control through the real time physical weight control

NO chamber blockage because of starch precipitation

by-pass heating system -ery useful during plant start-up stage

the required power is far lower than any other present solutions

it is possible to produce feed with higher fat content

no need for any steam reduction or stabilisation systems

live weight control system allows for an even amount of processed feed

a large surface area guarantees a stable material movement within strylizing container


vertical serilisers

A characteristic feature of vertical sterilizers is the fact they use gravity that allows for a significant reduction in the size of drives and the power consumption of motors, which allow for more efficient and cheaper operation at low costs.

Furthermore, horizontal sterilizers from Nawrocki Pelleting Technology also characterize a large working surface which guarantees uniform throughput of the raw material inside the cylinder of the entire volume, without any mixing process.

This allows to eliminates the phenomenon of degradation of the raw material particles and ensures a stable and constant sterilization process.

Mounted by-pass allows you to accelerate the commissioning of the installation in which the sterilizer is located, limiting the problem of sticking to the raw material at the cold start of the installation.


Technical Specification

Download a full technical specification of our Sterilizers range