RDF/SRF pelleting lines



We deliver globally complete range of bespoke RDF/SRF pelleting lines for wet and dry waste.

NPT offers highly productive solutions comprising of the latest technological developments, utilising best software solutions currently available on the market.

The capacity of our RDF/SRF pelleting plants ranges from 1.5 t / h up to 27t/h.

To secure the maximum output, especially during maintenance periods, we have based our solutions on modular design, allowing for minimal downtimes in the production.


The proven solutions

Over last few years NPT has proven that the solutions we have designed and implemented in our pelleting lines for RDF/SRF really work.

Our company has so far produced, installed and commissioned two commercial RDF/SRF pellet plants (3 and 6t/h), which successfully operate in Europe. 

Because of growing demand in processing RDF and SRF fluff into pellet, as well as the trust our clients put in our technology, few further plants are planned to be installed in UK and other European countries by the end of 2018.

Our Solutions

Our RDF/SRF Pelleting lines

Matrix dies are being selected based on the previously carried out detailed tests for every project separately. The reason for it is the fact, that we understand, that the composition of each individual RDF/SRF blend can vary significantly and therefore affect the final output capacity and quality of pellets.

Each module can be supplied with output capacity of up to 1.5t/h, 3t/h, 6t/h and 9t/h.

Our pelleting lines are equipped with a complete range of components required for production of high quality pellets, such as hoppers and reception tanks, mixing mills, pellet presses, coolers, vibrating sifters, dust aspiration systems, storage silos, big-bag loading sections, full automation systems and power supply.

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Force feeding System

Our pellet mills are equipped with an internal raw material feeder, which forces the transport of ground RDF/SRF, where it’s finally being fed between the rollers and the die, allowing for constant an equal amount of raw material being injected into the pelleting chamber. In addition, our force-feeding system guarantees a uniform feeding reduces the risk of overloading the pelleting chamber and potential blockages.

System A R G A S

Our dedicated ARGA System implemented in our GR 750 and GR 850 models allows a remote adjustment of the gap between the rollers and the die during an operation of the pellet mill. It provides a full and immediate control of the pellet quality without the need for unnecessary stops in the production. It also increases the overall efficiency and productivity of the pelleting process and thus a whole pelleting plant.

SAFETY of production

Our pelleting lines are equipped with state-of-the-art magnetic separators, de-stoners and pneumatic transport systems. Sparkle detectors and automatic fire extinguishers are also most recommended as optional components. ATEX version is available upon request.


Our plants are safe for environment and plant operators because we use the most advanced and efficient dust filtering and returning systems. All of the components that generate dust are connected to the central de-dusting system. Its heart is a pneumatic dust filter with a system of tubes. The dust is collected in the filter and later it is transported back to the pelleting section of the factory. This prevents from unnatural dust escape and over polluting of the surrounded area of the pelleting plant.

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