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Turning waste into PRODUCT


Plastic waste can be pelletized like any other raw materials. The characteristic feature of this raw material is the very low degree of sticking, which requires  use of powerful pellet press.

For example, our GRB2 850.264 pellet mill will produce about 1.0 – 1.5 t / h of plastic pellet, and about 3 t / h of wood pellet.

Lower efficiency is due to the feathery light structure of the grinded material, which simnifically  reduces the bulk density and results in poor performance of the pellet mill.

During our development of the concept to design a production line for plastic pellets we have discovered different physical properties of different plastic origins.

Therefore, before we can justify any throughput capacity, or design a dedicated process, certain tests in our laboratory are essential. These test/trials require a minimum of 1 ton of raw material delivered to our lab, so that we will be able obtain reliable information and guarantee certain throughput.

A typical plastic processing line (pelleting line) usually consists of a grinding unit – which will reduce the initial size of raw material for technological granulation requirements, pelleting press and cooling and pellet cleaning sections.

Because we understand the potential H&S risks, as well as fire prevention regulations, in our pelleting lines, we have implemented recent and most important security and fire prevention solutions

Turn waste

into an added
value product

With NPT, pelletizig of plastics waste has never been easier. The only thing we need to confirm is trial YOUR waste -product.

Based on the trials results we will be able to adjust our solution to suit you individual requirements.

We have already implemented our pelleting solutions by one of the PVC windows manufacturers. The outcome – our client can re-use his rejects to produce new window frames from the rejects generated during his manufacturing process. 

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