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From pellets to crumbs

Crumblers from Nawrocki Pelleting Technology are used for crushing of feed pellets (KBN and OK models), rapeseeds (model KBN / R). Our special models can also be used for rough crushing of biomass pellets.

Crumblers are equipped with a single or double set of specially designed crushing rollers with a length of 1000mm or 1400mm, as well as with an in-feed system for pellets. Individual sets of rollers are driven by independent engines.

Crushing rollers

Designed for safe and efficient operation

Our crushers are equipped with one or two pairs of crushing rollers with specially cut grooves. During production process the rollers undergo a very modern heat treatment, which guarantees long life and quality of work.

The gap adjustment mechanism allows can be changed in just 5 seconds, also available in remote mode, using a central automatic control system. The plant operator does not require any tools for this.

The crushers are equipped with a probe for collection of crushed samples.

easy implementation

Integration with coolers and other devices

The inteligent construction and design of our crumblers allow for an easy integration with any type of counter-flow coolers.

The discharge of the crusher enables quick connection with any auger system, or other receiving devices.

Thanks to the feeding system built-in, the crusher and the receiving screw are protected against undesirable backfilling and blocking. This is usually very important aspect in case of faulty, too fast emptying of a cooling component.


Precise dosing and crumbling

The integrated feeding system is powered by a separate drive with adjustable charging speed.

Properly profiled blades uniformly dispense granules along the entire length of the rollers, which guarantees even wear and extends the service life.

Furthermore, the precisely adjustable gap guarantees the appropriate size and quality of the crushed pellets with the minimum amount of unwanted dust.


Technical Specification

Download a full technical specification of our crumbels series KBN, OK & KBN/R