Counterflow COOLERS

Counterflow coolers 2OCP

Efficient and safe cooling of pellets

Counterflow coolers 2OCP are used to reduce pellet temperature via water evaporation. The result… hardening and the increase in pellet density, which has an effect on calorific value of pellets designed for combustion.

The cooling process

how it works

The cooler is connected to an aspiration fan, the aim of which is to enforce the air to flow through the cooler chamber.

Before the fan, we install a set of cyclones and airlock to recycle the raw material blown off with cooling air back to the processing line.

For feed pellet production plants, we suggest a compact set of cooler and a crumbler, and for biomass or RDF/SRF pellet production plants: cooler +vibrating screen.



Technical Characteristics

  • capacity from 6 to 28 t/h for feed
  • capacity 1 - 9 t/h for biomass pellets
  • pellets are cooled down to 8-10oC above surrounding temperature
  • standard performance or in a lower version for small SPACE availability
  • table driven by actuator and compressed air
  • cooling chamber completely made of acid resistant steel
  • manually or automatically adjusted level of the pelleted material
  • fire protection system
  • automatic closure of the discharging system in case power supply failure
  • full automatic operation together with a crumbler or a vibrating sifter eliminates the necessity of applying additional conveyors
  • possibility of airflow adjustment


CE and ATEX design RATED

lean manufacturing standard

low power consumption

air valve motor operated BY fan speed control by frequency inverter

maximal hygienic operation for highest feed quality

rotating pellets distributor for even layer level and efficient work

minimum product damage due to unique floor design

smallest footprint to capacity ratio for high efficiency

fire protection valve for operators and plant security


Technical Specification

Download a full technical specification of our P18G2l pellet mills