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30 years of experience

NPT International Ltd (Nawrocki Pelleting Technology) is a global supplier of specialist pelleting equipment. We exclusively represent NPT Poland oversees, supporting our distribution partners and customers with a first-class customer service and comprehensive advice, helping them developing most efficient pelleting solutions based on our product range.

Our mother company – Nawrocki Pelleting Technology Poland, which was founded in 1996 by Boleslaw Nawrocki – an expert in pelleting technologies, for more than 30 years, has been designing and delivering individual solutions for feed mills and pelleting industry. Our wide experience goes back to the 70s, when we designed first Polish pellet mill and other associated components.


A wide range of

Regardless of the capacity, the pelleting equipment from NPT are smartest solutions for any application. They are used for all kinds of feeds and biomass pellets as well as RDF/SRF,  bio-digestate, foams and plastics, sewage sludge and other applications.

Nawrocki Pelleting Technology


FUTURE PROVED technology

We provide you with solutions that go beyond your current expectations

years of experience

Over 30 years we have been designing & manufacturing pelleting equipment

Highest product quality

During manufacturing process we use only best quality components - made solely in the EU



At NPT International Ltd. you will get the full range of services leading to a successful operation of your pellet plant. At every stage of Customer Service, we provide our clients with our in-depth knowledge and perfect technology customisation


As a part of our services, NPT offers a range of R&D trials of new, or non-standard raw materials verifying the product (in their pelletised form) quality, such as pellet durability, CV, combustion and other physical properties, as well as testing process technology.


We supply parts for all types of pellet mills. Our 30+ years of experience in the field of pelleting equipment, is one of the reasons why our customers value us most. We offer parts as for example: dies, rollers, shafts, roller shells, etc.


We manufacture dies for all types of flat die pellet mills with an external diameter of up to 690 mm. Additionally, NPT can reproduce spare parts such as roller supports (for 2, 3 and 4 rolls), rotary shafts, seals, bearings, rings and bushes.


Regeneration of the matrix prolongs its life span, resulting in increased value & lower production costs. During regeneration of the dies we clean it from raw material and other contamination, grind and level the working surface, remove metal inclusions and renew cone introduction.


Our XLD rollers and roller shells are designed for pellet presses with manual and remote control. We produce rollers with different types of tread, for all types of ring and flat matrix dies. We supply complete rollers, roller shells and a full range of other accessories, as bearings greases


Training is the most crucial stage of each project, especially for the operating staff, allowing them work in the safe way and with the expected productivity. We train your operators before the commissioning, so they start ready to work. We offer in-house and onsite trainings.

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